MFGx are experts in the integration and implementation of all enterprise software applications using the Fuuz Platform. We support clients of all sizes, small to global, modernize and simplify their application footprint with intuitive solutions that fit what they do. Our solutions reduce manual labor, automate processes, streamline data flow, and augment existing systems. We save our clients’ time, money, and help boost their bottom line while providing valuable insights into their data.

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To put it plainly, no other commercial software or servicer does exactly what we do. Our breadth of capability is unmatched, positioning us as the best partner to help your organization make its systems, equipment and people work to their highest potential. We start adding value day one with our unique approach to engagements: unlike our competition, we provide solutions instead of just asking questions.

With years of first-hand experience behind us, we understand the business needs across a wide variety of verticals, allowing us to create solutions to meet those specific needs. While others may offer generic pathway improvements, our team possesses the ability and willingness to get into the nitty gritty of your challenges and provide the solutions that work for you. We are the true flexible, comprehensive solution for your software integration needs.

Fuuz™, from MFGx, is a no-code, low-code, pro-code application platform that delivers on the promise of Industry 4.0. With rapid deployment of stand-alone apps and connectors to existing software, businesses can capture data, connect processes, people and machines — all in a single platform ecosystem.

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Integration is the key to efficiency within a business. From the shop to the top, the integration of people, machines, equipment, and software are crucial to streamline and make efficient in this global economy. While most people equate integration and automation to manufacturing, they often overlook the administrative side. Lucky for you, we do it all. Leveraging our Fuuz™ solution, we can meet your business needs around any systems or processes you already have. Driving connections to identify a single source of truth is one of the most important investments a company can make to minimize overhead, redundancy, and errors.


Implementation is really working with the client to learn and understand their needs, creating a plan for success, and then driving that plan to ensure the proper functionality for the business is deployed on budget and on time. All enterprise software solutions require some level of implementation, and we can help with all of them from ERP to CRM and everything in between. We have decades of experience configuring and working with cloud ERPs and successfully completing projects for hundreds of companies all over the globe. We leverage this experience, to help our clients implement the Fuuz Platform to connect their business systems and address the need for bespoke solutions.

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